pfSense Squid Tips~!

# Short Notes(Created By edwardjude/ 2.7 Stable Package)
~!To block All destination Domain (HTTP) and allow only specific sites (edit manually on squid.conf)
# acl allowed_sites {dst|dstdomain|dstdom_regex|url_regex}
(To allow specific sites or domain with regular expression)
# acl all_dst dst (To block all destination)
# http_access allow allowed_sites (Allow Rule for Defined ACL)
# http_access deny all_dst (Deny Rule for Defined ACL)
# deny_info URL_path_from_U all_dst (Deny Info page for Defined ACL)

~!To block download of some file extension (edit manually on squid.conf or edit from GUI in Custom Options)

 acl blockfiles url_regex -i URL_path_from_U 
 http_access deny blockfiles

Remark : When you create the file path, you need to edit of this $ expression in file.


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